Man arrested after chase that caused two accidents in Goose Creek

Man arrested after chase that caused two accidents in Goose Creek

GOOSE CREEK, SC - Goose Creek police arrested a man after a vehicle pursuit that lead to two accidents Sunday afternoon.

Police say James Gilliam was arrested after an incident that started in the Boulder Bluff neighborhood, and ended at the Quality Inn pool on Redbank Road. An officer was initially called to the Boulder Bluff area in reference to a reckless driver complaint.

Dispatch told the officer that a man was following Gilliam after the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at him and fired at his vehicle. Later, while dispatch was still on the phone with the victim, they learned that he and Gilliam were stopped in a verbal altercation on Judy St. and Amy Dr. near Boulder Bluff Elementary.

The officer, who was in the area but not yet on scene, told dispatch to tell him to back away from Gilliam and wait for police. According to the release, the victim refused to back off.

A different officer arrived on scene, but both parties refused to follow his verbal commands.The release says Gilliam then fled the scene at a high-speed rate.

Believing Gilliam was driving toward him, the first officer pulled off on the right shoulder of Amy Dr. and activated his blue lights. Gilliam stopped the vehicle parallel to the officer.

Realizing he was in a potentially dangerous situation, the officer said he drove a few feet past Gilliam's car in an effort to create distance. As he was turning around, Gilliam sped off.

The release says the officer pursued Gilliam, believing he was an active shooter.

During the chase, Gilliam made a right turn, drove half-way off the left shoulder and almost lost control of his vehicle.The release says as the officer turned right, the suspect over-corrected and and stuck the police car's bumper.

The release says Gilliam kept driving, increasing distance with the officer. The officer says the suspect struck another car at the intersection of Liberty Hall Road and Lindy Creek Drive. The suspect then got out of the car and lead officers on a foot chase near the North Greenview neighborhood.

According to the report, the suspect approached someone on Wells Road and asked for a ride to the Wendy's Restaurant on Redbank Road. The anonymous driver agreed to take him there.

Berkeley County deputies were tipped off that he was in the area, and found Gilliam at the Quality Inn pool on Redbank Road.

Police say James Gilliam was then arrested and charged with Driving Under Suspension - 5th Offense and Failure to Stop for Blue Light and Siren. A release says he was also wanted by the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office for burglary, domestic violence, and other charges.

Both of the accidents that resulted from the incident are being investigating by Highway Patrol. Only minor damages to the police cruiser and other vehicle were reported.

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