Police: Dog euthanized after attacking woman at N. Charleston home

Police: Dog euthanized after attacking woman at N. Charleston home

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A dog was euthanized after it attacked a woman outside her home in North Charleston leaving her with "extreme" injuries to her leg and arms, according to police.

On Sunday night, North Charleston police officers responded to a home on Ayscough Road for a dog attack. Police say the victim and the dog's owner are a married couple who live at the home.

When officers arrived they saw a brown pit bull with blood stains on its mouth area and lower body.

Officers reported that the 48-year-old victim had "extreme" injuries to her left arm and legs. A police report states the damage to the victim's arm was "up past her elbow and almost to her arm pit area."

An officer reported that the victim was losing blood at a high rate, and applied a tourniquet to her arm. A witness held the victim's head, while another applied a tourniquet to the victim's leg which police said had injuries to the inner portions.

An officer said he contacted dispatch to inform them of the victim's condition and continued talking to the victim in an attempt to keep her calm.

Authorities say fire department units as well as Dorchester County EMS arrived on scene and began medical care of the victim.

During this time, police say two officers were engaging the dog which retreated to the victim's home where it was secured in a bedroom.

Animal Control was requested and responded to the scene.

A witness said he was walking his dog on the street near the incident location when he saw the victim and the dog. The witness told police he called 911 after he saw the victim's arm in the dog's mouth and saw the dog "thrash" the victim, drag the victim on the ground and remove the victim's arm from her body.

Another witness said he was driving by the victim and the dog, threw a guitar stand at the animal at which point the dog released the victim and police arrived on scene seconds later.

A third witness reported hearing the incident from his home and arrived on scene to help the victim and the police.

A police report states the dog was voluntarily relinquished to the Charleston Animal Society and was euthanized.

No charges have been filed.

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