Report: Man sought for attempting to burn down house with sister, kids inside

Photo Source: Colleton Co. Fire & Rescue
Photo Source: Colleton Co. Fire & Rescue

Deputies with the Colleton County Sheriff's Office are on the lookout for a man accused of attempting to set a house on fire with his pregnant sister and her two children inside.

Dequz Washington of Yemassee is wanted for arson and three counts of attempted murder.

A deputy with the Colleton County Sheriff's Office was called to a home on the 440 block of Jonesville Ave in reference to an arson Monday night.

A woman told a Colleton County dispatcher that her door was on fire and and her brother was pouring gas on the house.

"I want to report somebody that's light fire to my house," the woman can be heard telling the dispatcher.

When the dispatcher asks the woman how she knows someone lit the door on fire, she said,"Because I can see it outside. I would like them arrested tonight."

The woman tells the dispatcher that she's pregnant, has two kids, and are making their way out of the residence.

At one point in the 911 audio, the woman says her brother left the area and was walking down the road to get more gasoline.

At the end of the 911 audio the woman can be heard telling a responding firefighter how she became aware of the fire.

"He took a gasoline bottle or a jug and poured it over the door," the woman says."He started it. Me and my kids were in the house and then we heard a loud pop noise and we had to exit out of the front of the house. We could see the flames coming through the back door."

The victim says her brother also broke a side window, put in a rug doused in gasoline and tried to light it on fire, but was unsuccessful.

She says he was able to light a different mat on fire toward the back of the house, and that's what caused the house to catch fire.

According to the woman, her brother was angry with her for putting his property outside of the house and telling him he had to leave. While she was in the house, she says she and her two children saw him pouring the gasoline.

The owner of the home, the suspect's uncle, told deputies he was renting the home to his nephew and two nieces. He said his nephew wasn't paying bills at the home, so his niece put his property outside.

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