Authorities say speed and passing cause most wrecks on Highway 61

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - One day after a head on collision that killed two drivers on Highway 61, authorities say speed and passing contribute to most accidents on the scenic highway.

Approximately 8,000 cars each day travel on Highway 61, a two lane road with live oak trees hanging over it.

"When people are going below the speed limit and people decide they want to pass, a lot of people don't look before doing that and it's very important to make sure that nothing's coming ahead of you," State Highway Patrol Lance Corporal Hannah Wimberly says.

Drivers we spoke with also are concerned about the narrow highway.

"Driving up there, the passing that goes on, sometimes three cars at a time, it is dangerous and I think something should be done," West Ashley resident Robert Brown said.

The problem, officials say, is nothing can be done to widen Highway 61.

"It's a designated scenic highway and it's got a lot of live oaks on both sides of the road, so it's really doesn't give us an opportunity to widen the road," State Department of Transportation spokesman James Law said.

Trooper Wimberly says there's only one solution to avoiding an accident on Highway 61.

"Just be real careful out there, watch your speed and watch how you're driving."

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