Charleston mother pleads to make Ravenel Bridge safer

VIDEO: Charleston mother pleads to make Ravenel Bridge safer


Butler Mappus says the Ravenel Bridge is the weapon that took her sons life.

This Monday, shell ask Charleston Countys Legislative delegation to make it safer.

"We just couldn't believe it and he had such a great future," Mappus said. "It's been five months but it still feels like it happened five days ago."
Mappus’s son Jules Mappus was 20 years old when he jumped from the bridge in February.
"Barriers are very effective in deterring suicide,” Butler Mappus said. “Bridges all of the country, all of the world, have barriers."
The barriers on the pedestrian side of the bridge, the northbound said, are 76 inches high or a little bit more than six feet, but the southbound side has standard 34 inch barriers.
"Suicide is an impulsive act and had that barrier been there, Jules may have seen that it's not so simple to get across," Butler Mappus said.

She's also recommending having the SCDOT cameras record. They are only live feeds. Her son's car was found parked on the southbound side of the bridge in February but his body wasn't found till mid-March.

"Had they been recording, we would've known right away,” Butler Mappus said. “We had two and a half agonizing week. We were holding out hope."

Mappus says there have four suicides on the bridge just this year.

"The numbers are just increasing and they're going to continue," Butler Mappus said.

She says she still can't cross the Ravenel Bridge.

"It's probably something I'll never do,” Butler Mappus said. “I use the Don Holt. That bridge is the weapon and it's really too difficult for me."
The legislative delegation meeting Monday in Hollywood at 6 pm.
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