Charleston pilots search for missing Florida teens lost at sea

VIDEO: Charleston pilots search for missing Florida teens lost at sea

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The families of the the two missing Florida teens lost at sea for more than a week are still hopeful private search efforts will find them.

Two local pilots went on a search Saturday after someone asked them through social media.

"From what I know to be a family member that got in touch with me, and said that she was in fact the sister of one of the boys that's missing, she gave me numbers," says Nick Breeze, a private pilot of more than 6 years. "They weren't dead ends, they got me in touch right people,"

Breeze and Pilot Instructor Noah Burns made contact with the Lantana Airport in Florida to plan the search for the boys.

"They've got good coordination, and they've got a good search area... They don't want to have any overlap, so we're assigned our area, and somebody else is assigned another area... It all has a purpose," says Breeze.

Family members of the teens lost at sea, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, started a GoFundMe to help finance private searches like the one from the Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport.

Breeze says, "They're interested in a Morehead, North Carolina search area, which is a very long east to west coast line... there's plenty of barrier islands on the map."

"We'll be about 10 miles off shore today," says Burns. "So we're actually bringing life vests with us, and that's actually a regulation if you're not within gliding distance of land."

The family has not given up, though the Coast Guard ended its search on Friday.

"It reinforces the government's effort to say... the community does care about this," says Breeze.  "This is something they want to happen. Look at the support they have, and also that people care. There's good people out there."

There is still no sign of the missing boys. The Coast Guard has extended their deepest condolences to the families and all those affected.

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