New photos, video spark new interest in 'Lizard Man' legend

VIDEO: Photos, videos spark new interest in 'Lizard Man'

BISHOPVILLE, SC (WCSC/WIS) - Lizard Man is back. After nearly a decade without a sighting, Bishopville's mythical beast -- or person in a lizard costume -- is popping up around town.

Descriptions of the ever-elusive creature suggest it is seven feet tall with red eyes and scales.

The legend began in 1988 at Scape Ore Swamp, where Christopher Davis stopped to change a tire. But a flat would be the least of his worries.

Davis said without warning, a seven-foot-tall "lizard man" left from the swamp and took a bite...out of his car.

New photos and iPhone video taken by witnesses on two separate occasions over the weekend purport to show the Lizard Man.

Though the legend became popular and even attracted national attention in the late 1980s, the Bishopville Cotton museum has sightings documented all the way back to Native American times.

"How many things that we've taken as, 'Oh, that's a story that can't be' has been proven true," Jason Cox of the museum says. "So as I tell people, You have to believe. You have to believe that there could be a lizard man out there.'"

The museum keeps an exhibit of Lizard Man lore on display.

Lizard Man is just one South Carolina myth. In Myrtle Beach and along the coast, there are multiple reports of UFO sightings. Charleston and the Lowcountry have their ghost stories that have inspired ghost tours. Even the Upstate boasts of haunted graveyards in the mountains.

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