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Potential delay in new ferry boat to transfer Sandy Island students

Pawleys Island (Photo source: Facebook) Pawleys Island (Photo source: Facebook)

Students in Georgetown County will head back to school Thursday, but there could be a delay in the way some students get there. 
The new ferry boat that was supposed to bring Sandy Island students to and from school might not be ready in time, according to Georgetown County School District PIO Ray White.

White says the ferry boat, name New Prince Washington, needs a new piece for the dock it will be attached to.
The piece has been ordered from Florida and they're not sure it will be in in time.

The old ferry boat is 50 years old. It brings students from Sandy Island, just west of Pawleys Island, to Georgetown County.

Students then load a school bus and go to school.
There is no bridge to link the island. 

The State Department of Education bought the new ferry for the school district.
It can carry 16 people. White says only 5 to 10 students ride the ferry. 

If the new piece is not ready in time, students will ride the old ferry boat to get to class.

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