Some local businesses cashing in on presidential campaign appearances

Some local businesses cashing in on presidential campaign appearances

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Some local businesses are benefiting from recent campaign appearances by presidential candidates.

The Liberty Tap Room in Mt. Pleasant has hosted two campaigns in the last two weeks.

On Friday, more than 300 supporters packed the restaurant to hear a speech by Sen. Ted Cruz.

That is music to the ears of folks who run the restaurant because they are making money.

"It's pretty big, a lot of people come here, never been here before, come in and see  the place, enjoy the place. It's a big deal, it's pretty big," Liberty Tap Room assistant manager Leanne Johnson said.

Gov. Chris Christie's campaign also chose the restaurant for a presidential campaign event. Both candidates paid a flat fee to rent part of the place.

"It is a big venue, it's warm, welcome and inviting and neutral, Johnson said.

Some of these folks came here from other states to see Cruz and are spending money in other places in the area.

"I've been here before, I love it," Marty Miller from Florida said.

Marty Miller drove to Mt. Pleasant from Florida. Miller plans to spend between $300 and $400.

"We stayed at a hotel last night, we'll probably have dinner here and then we'll follow this bus all the way to Oklahoma.'

So just how much of impact do these candidate visits have on the economy.

College of Charleston economist Frank Hefner says there's little impact, except traffic.

Hefner says some think there's a good marketing opportunity for the city hosting the presidential debates.

Hefner disagrees.

Liberty Tap Room's Johnson hopes her place gets picked to host another campaign event.

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