Local movie theater reacts to social media threat

VIDEO: Local movie theater reacts to social media threat

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police are patrolling local movie theaters after a social media threat to Charleston theaters.

Charleston county investigators say they have no credible information to support the threat.

The assistant manager at the Citadel Mall Stadium 16 movie theater, Jason Marfia,  says hearing things like this makes him nervous.

"I think there might be some changes in security especially with all this going on, I don't see why there shouldn't be," says Marfia.

The theater has already made one change after the recent Louisiana shooting. They don't allow customers to bring in large bags.

"People have been noticing that we've been doing that a lot more," says Marfia.

This recent social media threat in Charleston came by surprise to Marfia. The Instagram post says, "If you're in the Charleston area this weekend and are thinking of going to the movies #DONT..."

A person responds saying, "Why."

The response to that is, "Can't really go into details right now...stay out of largely populated areas."

The people who wrote the texts have not been identified.

"I came in on Wednesday night to see a movie and I saw police officers here at the theater and thought maybe we got robbed or something," says Marfia.  "A shooting was definitely on my mind, but when I came in and I asked they said there was a threat."

Violence in theaters is not only on his mind, but the mind's of moviegoers too.

"It definitely  makes me nervous," says Marfia. "I want my customers to be safe ya know at all times there's no reason they should come in here and feel unsafe."

Today, the Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes, was sentenced to life in prison after killing 12 people and wounding 70 more. Theater safety is once again questioned.

Police presence at the Citadel Mall is normally only on Saturday, but on Wednesday police were here after learning about the threat.

"Right around when the threat came by I heard there was about 8 [police] maybe," says Marfia. "I'm not sure the number there was a lot and I think a few stayed the rest of the night."

Though police say their is no credible information to support the threat they plan to keep an eye on local theaters.

"I would say it slowed down a little bit, nothing to really to be worried about," says Marfia.  "I still have people coming in all the time we're still a busy theater."