Suspect detained in connection to threats on Charleston theaters

Photo source: TeamCharleston Facebook
Photo source: TeamCharleston Facebook

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - According to a Joint Base Charleston Facebook post Saturday evening, a suspect has been detained in connection to threats against Charleston movie theaters.

The suspect was detained by police in Dallas, TX. The individual's last known residence was reportedly in Charleston.

According to Charleston County investigators, there is no credible information in support of the threats, and there is no risk to the local area.

Police and local movie theaters have been taking precautions and are keeping a watchful eye open this weekend in response to the threats.

The Instagram post initiating the alleged threats states, "If you're in the Charleston area this weekend and are thinking of going to the movies #DONT..."

A person responds saying, "Why."

The response follows, "Can't really go into details right now...stay out of largely populated areas."

For more information about how a local theater is responding, check out the story.

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