Shoppers get last deals as tax free weekend comes to a close

Shoppers get last deals as tax free weekend comes to a close

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tax free weekend is expected to be South Carolina's second largest retail event of the year, right behind Black Friday. Shoppers are getting those last minute deals before tax free weekend ends.

"It really saves us a lot of money being that we're a household of five so it really goes a long ways," says shopper Chastity Williams. "So we're excited about it."

South Carolina is one of 17 states that has a tax free weekend and Williams is glad to be apart of it.

"We have gotten a load of uniforms so right now we're just really focused on school supplies and shoes," says Williams.

Tanger Outlet general manager Penny Benton says planning for this weekend begins about a year in advance.

"For us here in Charleston it compares to our Thanksgiving holiday weekend," says Benton.

Tax free weekend draws in more crowds than normal.

"I drove around the entire parking lot at least once and it's really really crazy," says shopper Lia Capito. "It's pretty much leave and get in a spot."

"So it's high on our radar and a big one on our calendar as it is for all the retailers I think in SC," says Benton.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue predicts taxpayers will save 2 to 3 million dollars in taxes this weekend.

"No tax holiday is still a benefit, but unless you're...making major purchases, I'm not sure it hits you as much in the pocket,'" says shopper Devonne Hammond.

Hammond was at Citadel Mall he says it wasn't as crowded as past years.

"I was able to get in and out that's the biggest difference," says Hammond you don't have to plan your whole day around shopping."

Some places get more traffic than others and online shopping is a factor. Tax free deals can apply online too.

"It does make a difference the little bit of change does add up," says Williams.

This is South Carolina's 16th tax free weekend. Retailers say they get shoppers from other states like North Carolina, that no longer offer this deal.