Family turns to social media to raise awareness about child abuse case

Family turns to social media to raise awareness about child abuse case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 16-month-old baby is in serious condition at MUSC after being injured while in the care of her mother's boyfriend.

Now, the mother's family is using social media to bring awareness to the suspected child abuse case.

"Rosie's Justice" is a Facebook page with, at last check, over 1,350 likes. It was created just a few days ago by Rosibelle's great aunt, Rose Santiago.

"I just wanted to put her face out there and say 'look at this child, please pray'," said Santiago.

Santiago says her family believes in power of prayer, but they also wanted to take action of their own as they grieve and seek justice.

"I just know what? We need support, we need emotional support, we need spiritual support," said Santiago. "So, I posted it and it has spread like wildfire."

Rosibelle has a lot of people praying for her.

"A little star in the family," said Santiago. "She is beautiful, she is the sweetest."

The family says they were shocked and heartbroken to hear that Rosie was hurt.

"There's never been any signs with the baby that anything was going on," said Santiago.

According to the North Charleston Police report, the mother's boyfriend, Sean Palmer, told authorities he found the baby lying face down with limp arms.

When Rosie was taken to MUSC, doctors told authorities that Palmer's story didn't add up, according to the report,

"She's laying up in the hospital with terrible, terrible, terrible injuries," said Santiago.

Before the incident, Santiago says she told her niece her concerns.

"I tried to convince her of the dangers...she doesn't know this guy," said Santiago.

Palmer, 28, was arrested July 29 by North Charleston Police for Unlawful Conduct Towards a Child. He was released the same day on $50,000 bond.

Rosie's family wants more to be done.

" We are infuriated because this guy is walking around free. I know he's been charged, but he's not in jail. She, Rosie, is in jail."

By jail, Santiago is referring to the condition the baby is in in the hospital.

Rosie is in protective custody. The mother has not been in contact with her family.

Live 5 is waiting to hear back from North Charleston Police for an update on the case.

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