Report: 4 of America's fattest cities in SC

Report: 4 of America's fattest cities in SC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Of the top 100 "fattest" cities in the country, four can be found in the Palmetto State according to a new study.

The information was gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and used in a study on the site RentApplication. The site states on average, 30.8 percent of the population is obese.

Orangeburg ranks as the second-fattest city in the country, with 41 percent of the population listed as obese, the study found. Greenville comes in at 13th place, while Florence is at 37th.

The Charleston area is the 42nd fattest in the country, with an average of 36.3 percent of residents being obese.

The city at the top of the national list is Opelousas, Louisiana, where 42.3 percent of the population is listed as obese.

The kind of food we eat may contribute to that obesity rate, and certainly to heart disease, according to health experts.  They say eating a "Southern style" diet washed down with sugary drinks more than doubles your risk of heart attack or heart-related death.That Southern diet includes fried foods, eggs and processed foods like bacon.

To get healthier, experts say you should cut back on fried foods and processed meat and eat more vegetables and fruits.