Fielding remembered for bringing change to SC politics

VIDEO: Fielding remembered for bringing change to SC politics

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Former Charleston County Council Chair Lonnie Hamilton is remembering former State Senator Herbert Fielding, who died Monday at the age of 92.

"He worked to bring about changes in the community, because during our time, we weren't allowed to participate in the political process," Hamilton said.

Hamilton recalls, the year 1970, when he, Fielding and Jim Clyburn were all seeking office, something they previously had not been allowed to do because of their race.

"I became elected to County Council, Herbert to the State House, but Jim Clyburn lost and took a job with the Governor's Office," Hamilton said.

With that election, Fielding became the first African American elected to the South Carolina House since Reconstruction.  Fielding would go on to serve in the State Senate.

"Herbert is where I learned the political process," Hamilton said. "Every Saturday I would go down to the funeral home and he would train us how to put together elections and turn out the vote."

Fielding served as CEO of Fielding Home for Funeral Services in downtown Charleston, and was seen actively working this summer.

The Fielding family is finalizing the funeral services, which are expected to be announced Wednesday morning.

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