Families of student athletes allege brutal beating in hazing, demand investigation

VIDEO: Families want investigation, coach resignation after hazing claims

ALLENDALE, SC (WCSC/WIS) - The families of two high school football players who claim they were brutally beaten in a team hazing ritual are calling for action.

The two students, from Allendale Fairfax High School, are alleging they were hazed at a football training camp in Orangeburg County.

Cliff Chisolm, father of star running back Shakur Chisolm, paints a gruesome picture of what he says happened to his son at the camp the week of Aug. 3.

"You put on your pads, you put on your shirt, whatever you had on that day, that's you're initiation," he said. "You became a tiger. But my son, he became a target."

Chisolm and the other student, Demetrius Drayton, stood with family outside the Allendale County Courthouse as they called for an independent investigation of the incident and demanded Allendale Fairfax Head Coach Eddie Ford resign in light of the allegations.

In a statement released ahead of Wednesday's press conference, attorneys representing the student athletes said the beating was done by upperclassmen with boxing gloves, belts and fists.

"They cut the light off on him, he jumped under the bed, they started beating him with the light off, picked the bed up, broke the bed on top of him," Cliff Chisolm said. "Picked him up, was taking him downstairs to the basement to beat him again."

Justin Bamberg, one of the attorneys representing Chisolm's family, alleges Shakur was beaten to the extent he had to receive treatment at Orangeburg Regional Medical Center on Aug. 3 in Orangeburg County. He said a law enforcement officer filed an incident report, but they were not able to provide that report or name the agency that responded. His attorneys also say there is a medical record of the incident available through the hospital, but those records are not public.

"I'm not saying a report was done, I don't know what the police did after they came and after they were called," Bamberg said. "I do know that after today, these parents and players go to the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office to file a formal complaint."

Bamberg says lawsuits against the school district are also in the works.

The Allendale Fairfax school district's superintendent, Leila Williams, had said previously that the district is investigating the claim made by Chisolm's family.

Ford has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Bamberg also represents the family of Walter Scott, who was shot and killed by a North Charleston police officer in April.

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