Charleston police officer responding to call gets ticket

Charleston police officer responding to call gets ticket
Source: Giovanni Radegla
Source: Giovanni Radegla

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The last thing you want is a parking ticket when you're in downtown Charleston where parking is at a premium.

It appears no one is getting special treatment when it comes to parking tickets.

Last week, a Market Street pizza operator couldn't believe what was happening outside his business.

"I got my camera and started taking pictures of it," said Giovanni Radegla. "All these other people started taking pictures, too."

A parking enforcement officer was closing in on a parking space designated for rickshaws. A police car, Radegla said, was parked in a portion of that reserved space.

Radegla said the parking enforcement officer told him he had gotten an email explaining he could ticket police cars. Radegla considered it a joke, until the officer wrote a ticket and put it on the windshield of the cruiser.

Radegla said he was told the officer who had pulled into the restricted space was responding to a call in the Market.

"He's enforcing the law. I mean it's better to see as many police out here as we can get," Redegla exclaimed.

The pictures, taken by Radegla, show the parking ticket is a pricey one, $65.

A deputy chief tells me if an officer is responding to an emergency, there should be no ticket.

But, if it's not an emergency then the parking rules apply. He says the officer was responding to a disturbance call in the Market and should not have been ticketed.

Police spokesman Charles Francis says the officer had paid the ticket, but would be getting his money back.

Parking enforcement is not a part of the police department. The City's Chief Financial Officer oversees the officers who patrol for parking violations.

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