New style of play allowed at Sertoma Classic

VIDEO: New style of play allowed at Sertoma Classic


Thursday marked the beginning of the football season in the Lowcountry. The Sertoma Football Classic kicked off in Charleston.

It was the first year for powder puff football, but it also brought another first: eight-man football.

"There are a lot of schools that are moving to eight-man because they're losing enrollment so they're dropping from 11 to eight," Alan Horn, Ridge Christians head coach said.

Summerville Schools Ridge Christian and Faith Christian were the first eight-man teams to play in Sertoma. It was Horn, who originally pitched the idea.

"He said if I could find three more teams we could be in so it didn't take long, Horn said. I got on the phone and I had three more teams who were very, very happy."

"My first reaction was I thought he was kidding and then when I realized he was serious I was like yeah, we'd be glad to be in it," Dale Feagin, Faith Christians head coach said.

As small schools, with less 100 students at each, eight-man is their only choice.
"For us, a lot of guys is getting 20 people to come out for the team," Feagin said.

Besides the numbers, the biggest difference between 11 and eight-man is conditioning for the players.

"In eight-man football, you say defense, and they just turn around, Horn said. Nobody gets off the field so it's like cross country football."

This year
s Sertoma is a chance to finally get recognized.

"This is a real big deal because we get to be up with the big guys and these guys are super excited about it," Feagin said.

"There's not a single eight man school around here that thought they'd ever be playing in Sertoma football," Horn said.

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