North Charleston Police and community team up to clean up with Ferndale neighborhood

VIDEO: North Charleston Police and community team up to clean up with Ferndale neighborhood

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A major makeover in the North Charleston area. The North Charleston Police Department is teaming up with the Ferndale Neighborhood for a community clean up. They came together to improve the area while getting to know each other.

"I've been down there cutting so people can see when they turn a corner, so I've been getting the right away cleared," says the President of the Ferndale Neighborhood Association, Charlynne Smith.

Today about 35 volunteers from the North Charleston Police Department, Department of Transportation and Public Works came to clean with the community. That included things like picking up litter, weeding, cutting grass and clearing sidewalks. It's something Smith doesn't see too often.

"Normally it might be 10 people, this is definitely a blessing," says Smith.

Candy Dozier-Johnson owns property in the area and she's also the city's traffic enforcement secretary.

"We try to keep crime out, and by us cleaning it up today is going to make a difference, but we just ask for all the community to get together," says Dozier-Johnson.

Deputy Chief Coyle Kinard, says he was glad to lend a hand and to let the community knows police care.

"What I want it to do is for it to be a ripple effect," says Kinard. "The people that's helping in this community, the next community we go to I'm going to see if these people will go with me. When they go with me people know one another, work together."

Assistant Police Chief Reggie Burgess says Ferndale is a resilient community.

"This community always been a community that if it did have problems it worked along with the government to try to either solve the problem, prevent the problem and try to make sure the problem doesn't raise itself up again."

Dozier-Johnson says today is a start to keeping the community clean, not just for today but everyday.

"I wouldn't want to go home and look at my place and you know drive around and it looks bad," says Dozier-Johnson.

"It's fantastic when they told us they were coming in, I was all for it," says Smith.

Friday is just the start. The clean up is two days and will continue on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.