63 seasons, 63 scrapbooks: Wife of winningest coach documents it all

63 seasons, 63 scrapbooks: wife of winningest coach documents it all

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Retired Summerville head coach John McKissick has had a storybook career.

620 wins.

63 seasons.

More than 5000 athletes coached.

His wife Joan won't let him forget it. She's pieced together homemade scrapbooks, complete with tape and glue, one for each of his seasons as a head football coach.

"They aren't real neat," she said,  "I just cut out articles and glue them in the scrapbook."

The winningest football coach in all of organized football, McKissick said he's never taken the time to look through any of them.

The retired Greenwave coach, who announced his decision in June, figured he didn't need to.

He lived it.

"He never looks at them," Joan said. "He never looks at one."

"She didn't tell me she was going to do it, but I saw her over there with scissors cutting out articles in the paper," John said.

Of all the scrapbooks, for Joan, it's clear which stands out: one for each of her husband's losing seasons.

There were two.

"I like all of them except 1957 and 61," she said.

"I'd like to lose those two books."

The legendary Green Wave coach took a moment to peek through the pages Friday, even joking with his wife Joan, to slow down as she turned the page.

Now, McKissick attempts to turn the page on his career, but still not closing the book on football.

"When I back this car out, it heads toward the high school whether I'm driving it or not," he said.

In his first season as a retiree, McKissick said he hasn't missed a Greenwave practice yet, but is content to watch in the background.

"He said, oh, I'll sit down when I retire," added wife Joan. "Now that time has come."

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