School districts ask for patience with buses

VIDEO: School districts ask for patience with buses


Districts throughout the tri-county are gearing up their buses for the first day of school Monday.
Last year parents complained of delays and bus breakdowns. This year, each county made a few changes to their bus systems, but they still say there could be some issues.

In Charleston County, CFO Michael Bobby says its well-staffed with drivers but are still relying on some older state buses which could break down.

"Do I expect those problems to go away, Bobby said. No, I don't because there's not been enough of an influx of new buses on the state side."

The county just recently changed routes and is gearing up for the new bell times that start in January.
DD2 just dropped Durham as a provider and said it'll be focused on getting out to a good start but are also saying they'll need patience as they work out kinks.

A spokesperson for the district released a statement saying, As the district assumes the management of school bus operations, we must rebuild the credibility and efficiency of the bus transportation service for our students."

Berkeley County said they're adding a new school this year and have fewer drivers than they hoped for. Transportation Director Wes Fleming said it's been tough to attract drivers.
"It's a difficult job,” Fleming said. “It's a full time plus job. The pay is not what it should be."
All three counties said they'll review any problems and try to work towards a quick and reliable system but stressed patience at least in the beginning.
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