Nexton Elementary opens its doors for the first day of school

VIDEO: Nexton Elementary opens its doors for the first day of school

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A brand new school in Berkeley County now has its first day in the books. Parents of students at Nexton Elementary School in Summerville off of Scholar Way have been waiting all day to to hear about their kid's first day. More than than 600 new students became the first to walk the halls at Nexton.

Jaylen Winslow can't wait to get to his classroom for his first day of 1st grade.

"The teacher is really nice," says Winslow.

While some students are all ready to go, some have reservations.

"When she got up she was really excited because of the new school, but then the closer we got to the school her nerves kicked in," says a parent, Rosie Muckenfuss.

There nerves were because for some like Muckenfuss' daughter, they'll have to leave their old friends.

"Because she left all her old friends at Cane Bay elementary," says Muckenfuss.

A new start at Nexton means a new start for something else, technology in the classroom.

"The education is really good, they get learning tablets to help them," says Muckenfuss.

Every Nexton student will get an Ipad or a Chromebook for enhanced classroom learning, making it the only school in Berkeley County with this program. Many are excited about the new technology, but Jaylen is most excited about something else.

"Playing outside," says Jaylen.

Parents are anxious to hear about their kids first day of school and they are excited about what Nexton has to offer.