State senator proposes stricter gun laws following Mother Emanuel massacre

VIDEO: State senator proposes stricter gun laws following Mother Emanuel massacre

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On the two month anniversary of the Mother Emanuel shooting, a local state senator is vowing to crack down on gun violence.

State Senator Marlon Kimpson has unveiled his five gun control bills, a move he says is directly related to the Mother Emanuel shooting that left nine people dead.

The biggest gun control issue Senator Kimpson wants to change is background checks.

He believes our state needs a more thorough process so that mistakes aren't made. In the case of the Emanuel AME suspected church shooter Dylann Roof, the FBI admitted that Roof was not supposed to be able to buy a gun but his state criminal record was missed.

Kimpson's proposed bill called "Background Check Plus" aims to keep that from happening again. It would require anyone purchasing a gun to pass a federal background check, as well as a state one, administered by SLED.

Kimpson also wants to change a loophole that currently allows gun dealers to sell firearms to people who have not been cleared for a background check. He says this happens if the FBI takes more than three days to send the results.

Owner of ATP Gun Shop and Range, Aryln Pendergast, doesn't think the bill will be successful in keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

'The only people who are going to obey are the law abiding citizens, crooks don't care, they're not going to obey the law," said Pendergast.

Kimpson's second proposed bill calls for all firearm owners to register their weapons with SLED.

As it stands now, South Carolina is not a "registered state."

Pendergast explains that means if the gun is never involved in a crime, only the gun seller and buyer know of its existence.

Pendergast thinks it should stay that way.

In the third proposed bill, Kimpson wants to ban assault weapons.

Some gun enthusiast don't believe any guns should be off limits for good standing citizens to buy.

"The purpose of the Second Amendment wasn't for hunting' it wasn't just for target shooting' it was to defend the people from a tyrannical government," said Kollin Horn, gun owner.

The fourth proposed bill would require gun owners to immediately report a lost or stolen gun to SLED.

The last bill mirrors the Concealed Weapons Permit and requires anyone who wants to buy a gun to get a permit first.

"If a criminal is going to be a criminal - they obviously don't care," said Horn. "So, making it harder for me or you or anybody else is just going to limit our protection."

Senator Kimpson says he doesn't want to take away anyone's Second Amendment right to bear arms.

He says he's going to continue adjusting these proposed bills while he meets with local law enforcement and community groups.

The pre-file documents need to be ironed out and submitted by December.

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