Storm causes chaos in Downtown Charleston

VIDEO: Storm causes chaos in Downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The monstrous storm impacted areas across the Lowcountry in a way it never has before!

According to the National Weather Service, this was the first time a Flash Flood Emergency was issued for Charleston.

In Downtown Charleston, car were flooded, thunder and lightning echoed overhead making for a dangerous few hours.

Locals and tourists alike were rushing to take shelter, sometimes even ditching the shoes to get through the flooded streets around the Market.

"This will turn into a river," said Jackson Clark, Market Street vendor.

While it made for a stressful evening, most we talked with made the most out of the soggy situation.

"It floods, they put up the barricades and it's everyone for themselves, really," said Manuel Casanova, Market Street retailer.

While the ominous black clouds could have been a warning, many people were caught off guard.

"We were walking through the rain, it was fantastic...we were actually dancing in the rain!," said Pez Porter, tourist visiting from Australia.

Retailers around the market says when it rains, they see it all.

"They take off their sandals, their shoes and they run through the water not really realizing how deep it is," said Casanova. "People on canoes going up and down South Market Street, which is pretty hilarious, actually."

"I've seen a lot of people who have laughed at it," said Clark.

Laughs aside, businesses and vendors say storms like this hurt business.

"Definitely impacts sales for the day because most tourists that are traveling to the city tend to go back to the hotel," said Casanova.

They hope the rain doesn't deter tourists from coming back downtown after the rain lets up. Most stores reopen and some even stay open later than they normally do to try and make up sales lost during the storm.

At last check, all of the roads have reopened as well. However, that doesn't mean some still don't have some standing water, so be mindful when driving on the peninsula.

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