National church security seminar coming to Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant

VIDEO: National church security seminar coming to Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Sheepdog Seminar, a church security conference is coming to Mt. Pleasant. The seminar is not only for churches or law enforcement, but it's also for anyone who wants to learn more about keeping the community safe.

"After the shootings at Charleston at Mother Emanuel a number of discussions cropped up, not just at our church and our teams but in the church community," says the Director of Operations for the Mt.Pleasant campus of Seacoast Church, Rob Braniff.

Braniff says they've linked up with the Sheepdog Seminar team, that travels nation-wide, to encourage churches in the area to come together to address the issue of violence.

"The seminar is being put on from people of different walks of life and different experiences," says Braniff.
"Some of those have had intimate experiences in incidences around the country where there have been shootings and fatalities."

A sheepdog protects sheep from the wolves and with this concept the seminar will teach people to watch out for anyone or anything that may threaten the safety of their space.

"They will come away with information, resources, networks, other contacts that would exist far after the seminar," says Braniff. " [The] structure... would help them set-up systems not unlike this in the context they're in to beef-up security in safety in whatever context their environment would need."

Seacoast Church has had a safety team for more than 10 years, and like many churches, they're always looking for ways to improve. Braniff says, since 2000 there have been more than 700 incidents of active shooters in churches across America.

"As the world evolves there's a greater need for a higher sense of security and safety in our public buildings and our sacred spaces."

Registration for the seminar is $99 and you can bring a friend with you for free. The Sheepdog Seminar will take place from August 28-29 at the Long Point Road location of Seacoast Church.

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