Sanders begins campaign tour of South Carolina

VIDEO: Sanders begins SC campaign tour

GREENVILLE, SC (WCSC/WIS) - Bernie Sanders made his first stop in South Carolina since announcing his campaign Friday.

His tour began in the Upstate, and he is scheduled to visit Columbia Friday night, then Charleston on Saturday.

At his stop in Greenville, Sanders spoke to a crowd of about 2,800, focusing mainly on populist ideas like voting rights, the economy, and healthcare.

Sanders took the podium for about an hour total, talking about everything from the war on drugs and Wall Street, to Iran and militarizing police departments.

The campaign rally took place at Greenville's TD Convention Center, but the crowd came from parts of North Carolina and as far west as Nashville, Tennessee to see the Vermont senator speak.

Sanders has been gaining an edge in the Democratic run for president, chipping away at what seemed to be a substantial lead by Hillary Clinton just a few months ago.

Sanders stuck to some pretty solid planks of the Democratic platform like universal healthcare, and free public college, but he kept returning each platform plank to the idea of corporate greed.

"No nominee of mine to the United States Supreme Court, will get that position unless he or she is loud and clear in telling the American people that their first order of business will be to overturn Citizens United," Sanders said.

Many of these same ideas have been brought up by Sanders' fellow Democrats on the campaign trail, like Martin O'Malley and Clinton.

But if you ask his supporters, they say the difference between Sanders and other candidates, is his sincerity and that he doesn't have a SuperPac.

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