Summerville Police Department expands community outreach

Summerville Police Department expands community outreach

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - If you live in Summerville you might just get a knock on your door from a Summerville Police officer.

It's part of their community policing outreach and they're looking to learn more about the people they serve and their concerns.

"It was puzzling you know," says Summerville resident, Jim Harris.  "Of course all the bad things kind of race through your head immediately when police show up ya know, but it turned out be a very pleasant conversation."

Harris says when he learned police were trying to get to know the community better he was all for it.

"It's much more personable that way and you're more relaxed, and you're more apt to talk about things that are going on or things that you'd like to know about," says Harris.

Captain Jon Rogers of the Summerville Police department says increasing communication and trust with the community is the goal.

"What we find is a lot of times residents will hear of crime, be a victim of a crime and however not contact us" says Rogers. "So this way it gets the officers into the neighborhoods so we get some relationships built in those neighborhoods."

Rogers says community policing is something the Summerville Police Department has done for years, but with a new leader of the Uniform Patrol Division, the mission is to expand the outreach to all officers.

"They do it a couple of times a month per shift," says Rogers. "Again, there are a lot of subdivisions in town so they're trying to hit them all."

Harris has lived in a Summerville neighborhood for 25 years and he's glad to see this type of presence.

"She said 'do you have any problems you want to talk about?' the only thing that we had were people running stop signs."

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