CCSD extending hours of air conditioning usage after hearing feedback

VIDEO: CCSD extending hours of air conditioning usage after hearing feedback

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Staff in Charleston County Schools will be a lot cooler working after regular school hours as compared to last week.

The district is extending the hours for its air conditioning settings over the next few weeks as teachers finish setting up classrooms.

The district's operations building off Bridge View Drive in North Charleston holds the physical server to control those temperatures at schools across the district.

Last week some teachers were working in 85 degree temperatures after school.

Patrick Hayes, director of EdFirstSC, said he had heard from several teachers who were extremely upset about the conditions.

Daniel Head, a spokesman for the district, said they're trying to be more energy efficient.

The 85 degree temperature is considered the "unoccupied setting".

Head said 30 minutes after the last bell rings for the school day the system will go into the unoccupied setting.

Now, after hearing back from teachers, the district is making changes for the next few weeks.

Instead of 85, the setting will be adjusted after school to the "occupied" setting of 74 degrees while teachers finish setting up their classrooms.

Those temperatures will change during the winter months.

Occupied temperatures during those months will be set at 70 degrees, unoccupied at 60.

If there are after school programs the system will remain in the occupied setting.

Head said by making these adjustments the district could save at least $1-million in utility costs.

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