DD2 rejects YMCA's request for thousands

VIDEO: DD2 rejects YMCA's request for thousands


After a heated debate Monday night, the Dorchester District Two school board denied a request to reimburse thousands of dollars to the Summerville YMCA.

The YMCA says it spent more than $21,000 on a planned aquatic center and the 2012 bond vote to fund it.

Leaders for the YMCA say they had constant talks with the board and the district’s website said for two years the new aquatic center would be operated by the Summerville YMCA.

This spring the district decided to go with North Charleston instead of the YMCA as its partner because it agreed to cover any additional costs to build the pool past the money from the referendum. It hasn’t yet said how it would cover that cost.

The board said it shouldn't owe the YMCA money because it was never asked and never voted on any of the thousands in expenses.

"We can't take money out of schools and classrooms and teachers to pay for surveys and to pay for trips to go look at other aquatic centers," Gail Hughes, the school board’s chairman said.

The bond referendum that passed in 2012 was for $7.5 million. The district and city of North Charleston have pointed to Fort Dorchester HS as a possible location. The pool will be used for senior activities as well as teaching students to swim.


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