Witness describes dog attack on 2 women: 'It destroyed her arm'

Witness describes dog attack on 2 women: 'It destroyed her arm'
Source: WYFF
Source: WYFF

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WYFF) - Two women were viciously attacked by a dog in Greenville County Tuesday morning, according to a witness at the scene and deputies.

"I pulled up on C Street and Third. I seen these two ladies getting attacked by a pit bull and as I turned, the lady ran up to my car. I got blood on my car right now where she was telling me to help her," Daniel Wideman said.

Deputies said they got a 911 call about a dog attacking two women at 8 a.m.

Deputy Jonathan Smith said that when a deputy arrived at the scene she saw one of the women being attacked by the dog.

He said the deputy fired one shot and hit the dog.

The dog died, Smith said.

Smith said the dog appeared to be a pit bull and was staying at the home of one of the women attacked.

He said one of the women's arms was almost severed. Smith said the other woman's injuries were less severe.

Both women were taken to the hospital.

Wideman said the dog attacked one woman, ran away and then came back and attacked the other woman.

"She tried to run back into the house. As she was going back to the house, the pit bull came back and locked onto her arm. It destroyed her whole arm. It broke her arm. It was only handing on by meat, Wideman said.

He said the dog was locked on the woman's arm for 5 or 10 minutes.

"I feel so sorry for that lady," Wideman said.

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