Plans on changes to Folly Road heard Wednesday at open house

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Folly Road is once again the topic of discussion this week as the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments will share a draft of some changes to the area.

Over the last few months a street study was done on the road, based upon input from the public back in May.

The plan looks at several factors including traffic, design, and green spaces.

"This isn't a one-time plan that goes out and gets implemented," said Dan Frazier, Senior Planner for BCD Council of Governments.

It's just the first draft of what's being called Rethink Folly Road.

Since May the public has given their suggestions of what Folly Road should look like. They range from safety to ways of making traffic a bit easier in your daily lives.

"The idea is to enhance the ability for different modes, such as pedestrian, bicycle and transit," Frazier said.

"I have a bike and I don't really feel all that safe riding it around James Island," said Melissa Gibson, who just moved to James Island. "So if there were more sidewalks that'd be great."

Renderings and aerial views of the road will be presented during the open house presentation Wednesday night.

Frazier said several local and state agencies were involved in the street study.

One aspect focused on a more visual presence along the heavily traveled road.

"Don't want all the buildings looking the same, but may want some architectural standards that are kept," Frazier said. " maybe end up with a little bit of a Boston feel or something, but we would want Folly Road to be unique as well."

"It's very progressive, and some very positive things that can happen," said James Gladden, who grew up on James Island. "Especially with the new bike routes and stuff like that. Maybe it will help out the County park areas."

"The way these pictures are showing it, I think it will look really pretty," said Brendan Duffy, who lives on James Island. "Looks like an excellent idea to do something with it."

Frazier said at this time an estimated cost for the project cannot be determined.

The funding will come from various city, county, and state agencies since it's an intergovernmental plan.

The open house where the plan will be presented will run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Lowcountry Senior Center, at 865 Riverland Drive in Charleston. BCD Council of Governments is asking for your input from these recommendations on the plan.

To view the entire draft of the plan, click here.

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