Public workers won't pay more for health care in 2016

Public workers won't pay more for health care in 2016

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - South Carolina's public employees will not pay more for health insurance next year, but their employers will.

The State Fiscal Accountability Authority unanimously approved Tuesday the health care rates that legislators wrote into this year's budget. It called for no change to employees' monthly premiums or co-payments.

State agencies, school districts, and other public employers will pay 4.5 percent more starting Jan. 1 to cover rising health care costs.

The last time the five-member fiscal oversight board disregarded legislators' recommendations on health coverage, the state Supreme Court struck down the decision.

In 2012, Gov. Nikki Haley convinced a majority of the board to split rising costs with employees, even though legislators designated money in the budget to cover workers' premiums. The state's high court ruled the board overstepped its authority.

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