SLED asked to investigate after county coroner pulls a gun on his neighbor

VIDEO: SLED asked to investigate after county coroner pulls a gun on his neighbor

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - State Law Enforcement Agents are looking into an incident where the Dorchester County Coroner pulled a gun on a man. It all started after that man allegedly pulled a gun on a repo worker.

John Mauldin said he was just trying to repossess a truck early Tuesday morning.

"Since I've started with his company, I've been looking for this truck," Mauldin said.

Mauldin said when he knocked on Leroy Fulton's home where the truck was parked, Fulton pulled a gun on him and told him to leave.

"I would never pull a gun on anyone unless it's a threat to myself," Fulton said. "I guess he saw it on the chair or the arm of the chair."

Fulton's neighbor is Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet. Nisbet says he started talking to Mauldin who had walked back to his tow truck when Fulton left in his truck.

"He says, 'Well follow me. You can have the truck, but I'll kill you," Mauldin said of Fulton.

Nisbet got in his county truck, turned his blue lights on and he and Mauldin followed Fulton.

Nisbet ended up pinning in Fulton in the parking area for Doty Park. He says he then pulled his gun on Fulton, but there are different versions of what happened next.

"He told me get out of my truck, holding a firearm to my face, screaming all kinds of racial words," Fulton said. "I feared for my life."

Mauldin disagrees.

"Mr. Fulton immediately got out of the truck, and got in the face of Mr. Nisbet," Mauldin said.

Nisbet says he was trying to stop Fulton.

"I said, 'You need to hang on'," Nisbet said. "Because I could see the cops coming."

Video released shows about 15 seconds of police asking Nisbet to drop his gun.

"I couldn't really hear what they were saying but you know then it dawned on me, wait a minute I've got my gun in my hand so I just put it on the ground," Nisbet said.

Nisbet was placed in handcuffs until police figured out what was going on.

Under state law he's not allowed to act as a deputy, so Summerville has asked for a SLED investigation.

"I want them to investigate me," Nisbet said. "I would rather SLED investigate me then me have to investigate a poor and working man getting killed in my neighbor's yard."

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