SC State reaches $312,500 settlement with ex-president Elzey

SC State reaches $312,500 settlement with ex-president Elzey

ORANGEBURG, SC (AP) - South Carolina State University trustees say they have reached a settlement in a lawsuit over the firing of former university president Thomas Elzey.

Board members said Wednesday they agreed to pay Elzey $312,500 and pay his attorneys in his wrongful firing suit $20,000.

The statement says that trustees acknowledge Elzey took over a university in poor financial shape and struggling to keep its accreditation. Elzey was fired in March after less than two years with the university.  The South Carolina Legislature would later fire the trustees.

The statement says Elzey was paid what he was owed under his contract

Trustees say Elzey still supports SC State and wishes he had been given more time to fix the school's financial problems.

The university is more than $30 million in debt.

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