Residents sound off on plans to fix Folly Road


Wednesday night, community members got their chance to sound off on new plans to fix Folly Road.

The new plan focuses on making the area look better and also making the road safer.

In the study done for this plan 62 percent of people said they “hate” the way Folly Road is now and said it's far too congested.

Another big issue was making it easier to bike and walk.

"I love the concept of the green space,” Lisa Ahrens, who lives on James Island said. “I think kids should be able to ride their bikes up and down the street."

"I've tried walking on it,” Gillian Mark said. “I've tried riding bikes. It's not nice. It could be a lot nicer and a lot safer."

While people all liked the ideas they heard, they had concerns about how exactly it will all get done. The consultants did describe some projects as about 10 years down the road. There’s also no plan yet on how to pay for it.

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