Oakbrook area in Summerville to see improvements

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville is looking to redevelop Oakbrook, the community on Dorchester Road near Ladson and Old Trolley.

"It would be prime location if they had the right things here people are looking for things that other people don't have," says Summerville resident, Kori Welch.

Many residents in Summerville want to see changes in the Oakbrook area, especially in what was formerly known as the BI-LO shopping center.

"I can't wait for the change to come I know it's coming and just to have some type of establishments here that we can all utilize," says Summerville resident Deanna Haynes.

Summerville Town Councilman for the District, Bob Jackson says there's a vision plan online for Summerville's development. Right now, the council is still looking into several options.

"Kind of what we looked at is  two or three story buildings, residents up stairs, retail down, hidden parking, some shops and cafes," says Jackson.

Traffic issues and potholes are a major concern. The town of Summerville is looking to create more medians in the area to smooth out traffic and cut down on accidents.

"To exit onto trolley road it's dangerous it could use a stop light," says Haynes.

Jackson says there were 121 car accidents in the Oakbrook area last year.

You can also expect changes to Jessen Boat Landing off Dorchester Road. This will include a kayak launch and shaded fishing areas.

"We really want input of what the citizens want in this area," says Jackson. "It's their community and we need to make it the way they want it to be."

The town is now expanding a nature trail that begins near Summerville Medical Center and will extend to Dorchester Road. You can expect to see gradual changes over the course of the next few years. The council does not have a specific timeline.