SC task force lays out plan to combat domestic violence

SC task force lays out plan to combat domestic violence

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Gov. Nikki Haley's domestic violence task force rolled out the second phase of a four-phase plan to lower the Palmetto State's high rate of domestic violence Monday.

After the first phase, which involved gathering information on cases in South Carolina, phase two involves recommendations for fighting the problem.

The list of recommendations deals mainly with polices and best practices for responding to domestic violence calls, updating investigation and prosecution procedures- and promoting education against domestic violence in state schools- which is required by the new domestic violence reform law.

The task force came up with 19 recommendations at the state level- and 10 for local law enforcement and government.

During the meeting Monday, Haley said she wanted to get all law enforcement agencies on the same page when it comes to curbing domestic violence.

"How do we make sure it's all sheriffs?" Haley asked. "All 46 are doing it the exact same way so we can truly check county by county. How do we make sure the training is all the exact same way? How do we make sure that the reporting is changed quickly?"

The task force's next phase is to actually take those recommendations and put them to use at the state and local level.

Haley said today she wants those recommendations implemented quickly.