Cars stall in lowcountry flood waters

VIDEO: Cars stall in lowcountry flood waters

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many people took a chance driving through the high waters and now some people are left with cars in the repair shop.

District manager for Midas of Charleston, Frank Berry, says two cars were towed into Midas on Rivers Avenue today because they went through high water.

"Stay out of the water," says Berry. "You're not riding around in a Triton 28-foot bass boat, you're riding around in an automobile and they're not made to go in water."

Berry says a lot of people don't know exactly what to do, or not to do when their call stalls.

"The biggest problem most people have is when their car cuts off from going through water and they sit there and continuously try to start it, the only thing that does is caused more problems," says Berry.

The two cars that came into the Midas shop need new engines because of just that. Berry says an average engine replacement can cost between $4,000 to $6,000.

"If you drive through water and your engine stalls, leave it there, don't start it, don't try to keep on starting it, just go ahead call a wrecker," says Berry.

You should keep in mind if you don't have car problems immediately after driving through flooded areas, you might still experience issues later. Berry says he usually sees more cars with water damage in the shop the day after flooding occurs.

"If water is getting in the sensors and the wiring harness in the computers, a lot of times it will take a day or so for that to start eroding," says Berry.

Mechanics say if you have comprehensive insurance the towing and repair costs are usually covered. You can verify your coverage with your provider.