Sgt. Jasper apartments to reopen after mediation comes to an impasse

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sergeant Jasper Apartments is set to reopen after talks about the future development of The Jasper project came to an impasse.

Attorney Tom Traxler, who is mediating between the city's Board of Architectural Review and The Beach Company, stated the parties have not been able to reach a resolution.

"Because the BAR exceeded its authority and violated the rights of the owner in denying the project submitted, The Beach Company will continue with the appeal process," according to a statement by the Beach Company."It believes that the Courts will agree that the project should have been approved."

In June, BAR board members denied The Beach Company's latest plans citing the height, scale and mass of the project were too much for the site.

The Beach Company says since the appeal process is expected to take some time, it will move forward with an interim plan to reopen Sargeant Jasper Apartments while the appeal is pending.

Once completed, The Jasper is scheduled to include residential, retail, and office space near Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston.

"Prior to beginning the BAR process and expending large sums on the design of the project, The Beach Company went to great lengths to confirm with the appropriate City representatives the applicable zoning restrictions, including the height, density and uses before it made the decision to cancel leases and remove tenants from the building," said Richard Rosen, attorney for The Beach Company."Had The Beach Company known the City would not honor the zoning rights associated with the property, it would have addressed these issues prior to closing the building and losing its revenue stream."

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