New motion for evidence filed on behalf of Michael Slager

New motion for evidence filed on behalf of Michael Slager

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A new motion filed on behalf of Michael Slager is asking for evidence that was requested in previous motions, but had not been received. Slager was charged in the murder of Walter Scott, which happened on April 4, 2015.

In the motion, filed on September 2, Slager's attorney asks for a copy of the Facebook message Feidin Santana sent to Black Lives Matter in North Charleston regarding his initial contact with Walter Scott's family that was referenced in a news interview.

It also asks for the name of the person who currently has possession of the original video taken by Santana, and for the video to be made available for inspection. They want the name of the person who currently has the cell phone Feidin Santana used to record the video as well.

The motion also asks for the names, races, genders and dates of birth for every Grand Juror that met regarding the Slager case during the week of June 8, 2015 and the exact details of selecting them. Also requested are the names of the witnesses who appeared before the Grand Jury, verification that they all administered an oath before testifying, and the number of days and hours each day the Grand Jury was in session during the week of June 8.

Additionally, the motion asks for a time and location to inspect all audio equipment used by Slager on the day of the shooting, and all documents including but not limited to notes, emails, and memoranda from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division about a telephone conversation with the Honorable Todd Rutherford, Esquire, about his client, Feidin Santana, and Santana's intent to surrender a cell phone video to police.

The motion says the evidence was requested in discovery motions filed on April 10, May 7, June 19, June 22, July 10, August 3, and August 14.

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