Charleston Days of Grace hosts interdenominational service

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Days of Grace interdenominational service left many wanting to spread the message of faith and love. The service took place at the local International Longshoremen's Association. It was a small setting, but people say there was a big message.

"Grace, faith, hope and love should be reflected out into the community by way of action," says Jessie Williams.

Williams led the service along with Pastor Thomas Dixon.

"When you have that self-love we can give it back with the same honesty and the same degree to others," says Dixon.

Latisha Bradley attended the service and she says this is an important message to share.

"It's something people really need to take an internalize," says Bradley. "It's something that could really have a resonance with everything that's going on right now."

Bradley says it's energizing to be surrounded by people with common goals during this Days of Grace weekend. During the lesson people shared testimonies of love and how justice can come from unconditional love.

"As Christians, as people of faith out is very much connected with the well being of our brothers and sisters," says Williams.

This weekend gave people the opportunity to unify and take a stand on issues including violence, quality education, voting rights and more.

"I've really been grateful for hearing more talk about what I think is the truth," says Betsy Grund who attended the service.

Grund is talking about the truth in the problems that exist in our society that she feels need to be addressed. The gathering turned into a conversation about how, at times, love can put you out your comfort zone.

"Hopefully we can ya know work on that part of being uncomfortable in love and sharing that love with other people even though we don't agree," says Bradley.

Though today was the last official day of Charleston Days of grace leaders and participants of the events say they hope this movement creates a new foundation for a continued push for change.