Donated technology will help deputies locate missing dementia patients

Donated technology will help deputies locate missing dementia patients

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Orangeburg County deputies received funds to purchase two tracking units to help them locate people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, dementia or similar illnesses.

The donation of $2,800 from the Pilot Club will purchase two tracking units for its Project Lifesaver initiative.

"We're just appreciative for what you all do," past club president Ruth Way said. "We think so many times you don't get the recognition for what you do."

Project Lifesaver is a program aimed at returning missing persons home quickly by tracking a small transmitter patients suffering from dementia can wear. When those people become lost, the tracking system can turn what would be hours or even days of searching into just minutes, according to Orangeburg County Sheriff's spokesperson Richard Walker.
Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said in those types of potentially life or death situations, every second counts.

"This is a big help here," he said. "This puts a smile on my face – for the rest of the day!"

Presented by Way and fellow project committee member DeLane Shull, the two units donated on Wednesday will double the total units in the OCSO arsenal. Ravenell said the units will be assigned to the four regions of the county, which will cut down on response time in the event of an emergency.

"With limited manpower, many agencies rely on technology to assist them in performing their duties," Ravenell said.

Way said the monies for the tracking units come from donations made by the Pilot Club members as well as club fund raisers.

The Pilot Club's mission is to help others and improve the quality of life in the Orangeburg area.

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