Police: Man arrested, charged after couple was robbed at gunpoint

Police: Man arrested, charged after couple was robbed at gunpoint

A man has been arrested after a couple was robbed at gunpoint outside of their home in North Charleston Wednesday night, police say.

Nelson Thompson has been charged with armed robbery, burglary, and possession of a knife or firearm during the commission of a violent crime. His bond fir the three charges adds up to $350,000.

Police were called to the 1,500 block of Sumner Ave. at 11:55 p.m. Wednesday. One of the victims told officers he and his girlfriend had just returned from going shopping and he was on his way back to his vehicle to get her purse. He said he opened the door to a man pointing a silver semi-automatic at him. The victim says the suspect told him to get back in his trailer.

The victim told officers another suspect, Nelson, appeared once he was back inside his home. He said the first suspect demanded money and struck him on the right side of his head when he refused to comply.

The victim said he ended up giving the suspects $608.50 and two cell phones, one valued at $40, and the other valued at $50.

The second suspect, identified as John Nelson, went into the trailer to find more property and money to steal, the victim says. He took $170 and car keys from the female victim.

According to the report, the victim tried to follow the suspects out of his home. A witness says they heard someone firing a handgun in the trailer park, but didn't know who it was.

Later on, one of the victims positively identified one Nelson as one of the people that committed the armed robbery.

No word on whether police have a lead on the other suspect.

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