Attorney confronts others on Facebook page of victim's family member

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Defense Attorney Andy Savage declined to comment to the media when his client Michael Slager was denied bond, but he apparently had plenty to say on social media about it.

It appears the attorney commented on the Facebook post put up by a family member of Walter Scott.

Andrew Savage responds to those cheering the judges decision of no bond by writing, "Interesting takes on God. Could that be blasphemy? Didn't know God picked sides in a Court case. Shameful." Savage goes on to compare some of the other posters ideology to that of ISIS.

He did agree on praying for justice to be served, saying "Heavenly justice is beyond our pay grade. That I can agree with. To say God picks sides on human disagreement is blasphemy."

Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager was arrested and charged with the murder of Walter Scott after cell phone video was released that appeared to show Slager shooting Scott as he was running away.

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