Aquarium to release 4 sea turtles from 3 species

Aquarium to release 4 sea turtles from 3 species

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (AP) - The South Carolina Aquarium is releasing four rehabilitated sea turtles into the Atlantic. But the release at the Isle of Palms County Park is a bit unusual because the turtles are from three species.

Midway and Pawley are two juvenile loggerhead sea turtles that were found stranded at Pawleys Island in June.

Barnacle Bob is a juvenile green sea turtle that was found being tossed around in the surf in Myrtle Beach back in May. And Little Laddy is a juvenile Kemp's ridley sea turtle that was snared by a fisherman at Morris Island.

With the Wednesday releases, 176 sea turtles will have been treated and released from the aquarium's sea turtle hospital.

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