N. Charleston mayoral candidate accuses Mayor Summey of wrongdoings

N. Charleston mayoral candidate accuses Mayor Summey of wrongdoings

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston Mayoral candidate is accusing Mayor Summey of nepotism, public corruption and more.

John Singletary held a news conference Thursday where he brought a stack of what he says is evidence to support those claims for Summey's time in office.

This all came about at the last mayoral debate where Singletary accused Summey of nepotism, cronyism (playing favorites to friends and associates), and public corruption.

Summey rebutted saying Singletary had made that up, and if there was proof, should make it known to the public.

Hence Singletary's news conference Thursday.

In regards to nepotism, he says Weber USA, the company his son, county council chairman Elliott Summey works for, gets money every month from the city for having one of its contractors on the payroll.

"That is wrong," Singletary said. "That is nepotism, that is using the power of influence to be able to get contracts for a subsidiary of a company in which your son is VP."

Summey declined to discuss each of the accusations but said, "I'm not going to get negative. This city is on the move. We are one of the top cities in the state. We've got a growth rate that is unbelievable and I'm not going to do anything that is going to bring discredit to the community."

Other claims Singletary made included using city money to do yard work for his son, and talked about the lack of diversity in city departments.

Summey and Singletary are also running against Chris Collins and Clifford Smith for the new mayors position.

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