Charleston Police celebrate Community Unity Day in West Ashley

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police came out on Saturday to celebrate Community Unity Day in West Ashley.

The fun filled day with the Charleston Police Department took place at Deming Park and Playground. Children who attended say they were happy about getting to know the officers.

"I think it's really cool how all the kids get to play with the policemen and everybody... and get to have fun and hangout," says fifth grader, Maya Johnson.

Once a month, officers from the Charleston Police Department organize a community unity day celebration in different neighborhoods. Tei Summerville is the Community Action Team Officer.

"We wanted to establish something that's going to bring unity among law enforcement as well as the community and different businesses," say Summerville.

Many were thankful the rain stayed away.

"Since it's really sunny it's the perfect day to be outside and just to have fun," says sixth grader, Kimberly Brown.

The kids enjoyed jump castles, playing basketball and there was plenty of food. They weren't the only ones, officers got in on the fun too.

"So we bring the kids out get to know them in uniform [so they see] that we're regular people," says Summerville.

Sixth grader Dominica Wells says, "It's really nice they're helping the kids play basketball and stuff and that they're going to be having fun with us today."

Kyle Murphy had a good time playing basketball with the officers.

"It was pretty fun, they were really good," says Murphy.

Residents of Maryville-Ashleyville, Ardmore, Orleans Woods and Orange Grove areas were invited.