Subcommittee recommends flyover to handle massive flooding on Main Road

VIDEO: Subcommittee recommends flyover to handle massive flooding on Main Road

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A legislative subcommittee Tuesday night recommended building a flyover to handle future massive flooding on Main Road on Johns Island.

The combination of heavy rains and a super high tide earlier this month flooded Main Road near Savannah Highway.

Officials closed one lane of the road, forcing drivers to crawl in one lane or sit in traffic on Maybank Highway.

Members of the Charleston County Legislative Delegation's roads and bridges committee voted for the flyover or overpass near the intersection of Main Road and Savannah Highway.

A DOT official said it could take between six to eight years to build.

"I think this should be done much sooner than later. This is a matter of life and death during a storm," State Representative Robert Brown said.

Charleston County officials have been considering a super street to alleviate the flooding problems.

Opponents of that idea say it would force drivers coming off Main Road to make too many turns to get back on Savannah Highway heading south.

"Right now that intersection backs up every day, every day for a mile or two," resident Rich Thomas said.

The entire legislative delegation will have to take up the motion to build the flyover.

Charleston County Council is expected to discuss the Main Road flooding problems at a meeting on Thursday.

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