Donald Trump slams Boeing for doing business with China

VIDEO: Trump speaks to African American business owners Wednesday
Donald Trump in North Charleston. (Source: WCSC)
Donald Trump in North Charleston. (Source: WCSC)
Donald Trump in North Charleston. (Source: WCSC)
Donald Trump in North Charleston. (Source: WCSC)

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - During an event in the Lowcountry, Donald Trump slammed Boeing for doing business with China.

Trump spoke to business owners at the Greater Charleston Business Alliance annual meeting in North Charleston where he said he wants to keep jobs and business here on U.S. soil.

"Boeing is going to sell 300 jets to China, but as part of the deal they're going to set up a massive plant in a big section of China," Trump said.

Trump said that plant would take a tremendous amount of jobs from the U.S.

He also addressed his poll numbers, which Trump said were doing much better compared to Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio's.

Trump talked about Hillary Clinton, saying that she has become "shrill" and she's "coming down like a sick rocket."

The Republican presidential candidate was invited to speak in front of local minority business leaders with the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce who are taking part in a three-day conference.

But a Financial officer for minority companies was one of several who claimed after hearing the speech to be disappointed Trump did not focus more on policy.

"When I came in here I was very interested to hear what his thoughts were on minority businesses," John Gethers said. "It's been a real push in the last five years for inclusion nationwide and I think it's an incredible thing, especially in the southeast. You need it here more than anywhere else, and I didn't hear it."

Trump is also expected in Columbia Wednesday for town hall meeting held by Senator Tim Scott at 6 p.m. He originally declined Scott's offer to attend the town hall, but later decided to attend.

Ohio Governor John Kasich will also be in the Lowcountry on Wednesday.

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