Adaptive Recreational Expo breaks barriers for people with disabilities

VIDEO: Adaptive Recreational Expo breaks barriers for people with disabilities

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The Adaptive Recreation Expo was back for its second year with even more activities. People with disabilities had the opportunity to wall climb, kayak, go fishing and more at the James Island County Park.

"I had a car wreck 30 years ago, broke my neck," says Mark Riffle who participated in this weekends activities. "It slowed me down for a little while."

Now, nothing is slowing down Riffle who drove from Columbia, South Carolina, for this weekend.

"They've come up with some new handles for the kayak that will really help for someone with decreased hand function like myself," says Riffle.  "So I think it'll be more user friendly."

Alex Jackson participated in activities today too. He says he wants everyone to know that people with disabilities can do things like anyone else, sometimes it might just be a different way.

"I was injured when I was an infant, about nine months old," says Jackson. "Growing up here in Charleston I've always been passionate about promoting disability awareness."

That's why he started a blog Tuesday Talk with Alex.

"It's for people with disabilities and those who do not have disabilities to bring inclusion and awareness for everyone," says Jackson.

The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission provided opportunities for fishing, playing basketball, archery, yoga and wall climbing. They also had the opportunity for people to surf.

"Wall climbing was new to me last year," says Riffle. "So I'm looking forward to that again too."

Jackson says it's great to see more activities available.

"I'm excited for what the future holds," says Jackson.

Riffle has a message for anyone who may be hesitant about trying new things.

"I recommend anyone else that's thought about 'maybe I can, maybe I can't and I don't know, I'm worried I may not be able to do it' well you never know until you try," says Riffle. "You can't do it sitting at home wondering why me or why can't I, you gotta try things."

The Charleston County Park and Recreation commission says it's looking to provide more recreational activities for people with disabilities throughout the year.